Sunday, October 25, 2009

Silly boys

I was a little worried how Trev would
adjust to having to share our attention
with a little brother. We came home and
he has been so great!! He is mommy's
big helper. Here he is helping get bubby
ready for his bath. He loves to help and
receive praise from us. He feels so big!

It might be hard to really see in this picture
but Trev has on like 10 pair of socks. Not kidding.
He loves to put on lots of socks when he plays
football. His little feet look swollen so daddy
couldn't resist getting a picture.

The boys and I watched Monster House
together to get in the Halloween mood.
These are the memories I will cherish
FOREVER! I love to snuggle with my boys.
I am so happy!!

Trev and his cousins are too funny.
We could have a reality show about
these kiddos. They are very silly. I
can't wait for the opportunity to show
some of the black mail pictures of them.
I've got great video too! Senior slide show
here I come.

Very sleepy mommy.
Getting up every 2 hours all through
the night is catching up to me.

This is my little E man. His favorite toy
right now is a broom. He will put whatever
it is he's playing with down for a broom.
Christmas shopping should be easy this year.

My sweet angel. Cruz loves his
tummy time. I can put him in his
little tummy and I don't hear a word
from him until he gets hungry.

Trev was hiding from mommy under
his trampoline. Peek-a-boo!

This is a classic Trevor picture. He is
always doing something silly. I
have no idea what we were doing here
but I love it. He has such a personality.

Here is my little gangsta boo at
3 weeks old.

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