Monday, October 19, 2009


What the?
Mi mi, why you takin all these pictures
of me? Cruz was looking at us like we were
crazy for taking so many pictures of him.
My mom loves to take pics of her grand babies.
She will be keeping the boys when I go back to
work and I know I'll have so many good pics
to see of the things I miss while I'm working.

Trevor has a high and low gear on his
gator and you might as well forget about
the low gear. That boys flies around the house
like a mad man. He is a very good driver though.
The only thing we have damaged is the wall
in the garage and maybe the gutter. oops!
Sorry bout that mom!

The boys decided to do some yard work
because momma was doing hair today.
Trevor has a gator that he calls his mower
and loves to help dad mow that yard.
What a big boy.

My mom has a fun hair cut. We keep her
blonde all year round and gave her
a trim on her funky do. What a hip mimi!
Here is Aunt Whittney's hair. Foxy Lady.
We went a little darker for fall and
added some fun texture to her already
cute bob.

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