Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter Storm


Here are a few pics of what my living
room looked like when we were gearing
up for the storm.

The boys played and had so much fun
together with our little "camp out"
Just look at them, they love each other
so much!!

Cruzy just loves to watch his brother.
He laughs at Trev all the time. One of
my favorite things in life is watching
them interact with each other. I can
have a bad day, come home and see
these two and know all in the world is

Trev is kicked back watching some
cartoons in his boxers. Our new obsession.
He has to wear boxers now everyday so
he doesn't have to pull them down to go pee.
Such a man already...Lazy. haha

Mattress- check
Fire- check
Trevor- check
Cruz- check

Just in case the electricity went
out we drug the mattress in the
living room so we would all be warm
and cozy by the fire. We called a
"camp out" and the boys loved it.
If their happy, I'm happy

Trev had a great time jumping from
the couch to the bed. Who wouldn't?
He was pretending to be spiderman.

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it's such a perfect day... said...

Oh I'm sure trev will remember this for a looong time! So fun!!