Thursday, February 11, 2010

When Moms away, the boy will play

I had to work pretty late Tuesday night. I got home around 8:40. As soon
as my little love bug heard the door open, he ran into the kitchen shouting
"mom, come look what I did" I thought oh no, what did he do. As I am
following T back to his room I found myself thinking of all the things I
might should prepare myself for, broken furniture, a hole in the wall,
paint or crayons lord only knows where...........
When we got to is room this is what I saw

Oh, just his entire book collection on the floor.
Not as bad as I thought. There were no torn
pages and the room was in still tact.

Where was dad during all of this?
Cooking dinner. Men can only do
one thing at a time. Watch the kids
and cook? What! Sorry guys but
you know it's true. ha ha

Okay, so maybe he didn't drag all of his
books down. There were still a few left
on the shelf.

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