Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Trevor has been asking for a spider man
costume for a long time and I kept saying
if you are on good behavior we'll get you
a spidey costume. We have always taught
him that you have to earn privileges through
good behavior. So the other day he asked again
and said "I've been on good behavior"
How can I say no, he's really earned it.
We wore our costume all day that day including
the trip to Hobby Lobby. Very cute.
He wore it to gymnastics the next day too. Watch out
guys you never know when spidey might show up (or where)

Watch out for the mighty web spin.

As soon as we got the costume on and
I took a couple of pics, he ran to the
bathroom to see how cool he looked.

Daddy put his costume on for him.
We just love his age. He loves to play
in his costumes and uses his imagination
all the time. You never know what story you'll

A few minutes after he played in his costume, he
came up to me, had me pick him up, gave me a
big hug and said thanks for buying me my costume
mom. He already knows how to melt a girls heart.


Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

I guess I will tell Lilly she better stay on good behavior since we don't know when spidey might show up! Haha. He is such a hoot!

Overambitious and Lazy said...

He is hillarious!

Looking forward to Friday!

Brittney said...

I saw a comment from you on a friend's blog and I got on yours b/c I noticed you have two adorable boys and a great name! Then I realized that I think you did my hair one time (around 5 years ago). I used to work with Whittney. Small world! :)