Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trevor's last soccer game & first tee ball practice

 Trev's last game with his team Galaxy for 
the spring season! :(
 Joe cool!! Trev always has on his sunglasses
and is rockin his faux hauk!!
 The team making goofy faces!! We 
have been so blessed to be on 
this team. Great coach and love
the kiddos too!
 Cruz is happy as long as he has a capri sun.
Whatever works! lol
 Cruz cannot wait to get out there with the big
kids and play. He runs out onto the field all
the time. He practices with them before the 
game and plays with a soccer ball to the
side during the game. Watch out when 
this little dude turns 3.
 My stud muffin!!
 ok, so I always said I would never put my 
kid on a "leash". well, God taught me my 
lesson when he gave me Cruz. After chasing
him off the field a hundred times during
the games, eating bird poop, getting hit in the
head with a soccer ball, and the constant 
breaking out of my arms to get down and 
sprint across the field, the "leash" didn't 
look so bad anymore!!!
 The boys in action

 Game over!! Now, to head straight from soccer 
game to first tee ball practice. By the way, 
I think i'm way more excited than Trev even
 In line for batting practice
 I'm not sure if he's sick of the mammarazi or he
was showing me how far he was gonna hit
the ball!! I can't remember so were gonna
go with he's showing me how far he's gonna
hit the ball.
 I felt so bad for Cruz. He's just being drug around
to all bubba's sporting events and he is well, 
tied to a leash!! Unfair i know but your day is coming 

 Great hit buddy!!
Can't wait for season to start!!!

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