Monday, November 28, 2011

Last teeball game

 Ready to get on the field!!
 Trev was catcher at his last game. He was 
catcher a couple different times and
became very good at it. He said he 
liked when he plays catcher!!

 Running in a score!! Oh yea baby!!

 last hit of the season!!! :(
 Trev's coach handing out trophy's!! 
I think the snacks after every game
and the trophies are Trevor's favorite 
part of playing sports right now!

 So proud!!

The entire family and friends enjoyed Trev
playing ball. Trevor had a blast!! He 
said he wants to play ball again and is
very sad season is over. He told me
"well mom, now I'm ready for soccer
to start" with a big grin on his face!!
 I felt like i lived at the ball fields
but I think that is something i just better
get use to. Having two boys, we might 
as well plan on moving into the concession
stand!! Blessed beyond belief!!!!

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