Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trevor's first tee ball game

Trevor's first tee ball team.
He is the youngest and smallest on his team. 
Can't wait to see everything he learns!!!
 The boys trying to see what their numbers were.
warming up
 First pre-game pep talk with coach 
of the year!! Trev looks so cute in
the middle of the huddle. 
 Tryston's first time up to bat.
 Trev's first time up to bat
 It was a great hit!! So proud buddy!
 First time to score ever in tee ball!!! 
And many more to come! The boy 
that was behind Trev was the oldest on
the team and caught  up to Trev very 
quickly running the bases. It was so
funny. It happened to whole  game.
  LOL Little Trev was running as fast
as he could and Parker would come
right up on him. Super funny.
 What a stud. The ump thought Trev 
was the coolest kid ever. Look at 
the smile he's giving Trev. Trevor 
refused to wear to his hat the
right way for over half the season.
He said "It isn't cool to wear your
hat like that". "You either wear it
over on this side, or this side".
"Just like teenagers do it mom!"
So, I told the coach it was his call 
on which way he should wear his hat.
Sports are teaching the kids respect
and discipline at this age and didn't 
want to miss out on that. Coach didn't
care so Trev wore his hat either cocked 
to one side or the other, or wore it 
backwards. Love this kid!!
 Good job team!!
Tee ball for this age has to be the funniest thing
you will ever watch in your life. I loved every
single hysterical moment. Can't wait for all his 
other games!! Even if it is 100 degrees outside. :)
 Some friends came to watch his game and ran out
on the field for a five from the players. Trev
thought he was so cool!!! He had a blast at his
first game!! Great experience!!
 But it was really hard work playing ball in that
And it was really hard work making mommy chase
me around all day!! It's hard to be a kid!!

I had so much fun but think I need to bring a
baby sitter with me next time. Keeping up 
 with Cruz, taking pictures of the game and
trying to watch the game was a bit of a 
challenge!! I'm sore I'll have it down 
to and art by the time the season is over!!
Wish us luck!!

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