Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trevor's 5th super hero birthday party!!!!

 Sweet Trevor loves him some super heroes and
he also loves to dress up in costumes. So,
for his 5th birthday i thought why not just
combine his favorite things and have a
super hero costume party. I thought the gym
would be the perfect place for a 
superhero to do their favorite superhero moves!!
Trev's cousin Tryston has a birthday a
couple weeks  before Trev so my sister and
I combined forces tohave the coolest
superhero party ever!!!

 All our little superheros loved the foam pit!!

 Even my little captain america couldn't get enough of it.

 My adorable niece Trynity as bat girl!! And the cutest
bat girl I've ever seen!!

 Tryston about to do a super hero dive in the pit!!

 Trevor had to practice his super hero swing too!!
It's hard work trying to save the universe!!!

 My sweet silly Cruzy!! He couldn't be thrown in the
pit enough!! I need one of these at home!!! lol

 The super hero table was amazing!!
I used comic books as in inspiration.

 I took the boys to Shelby Lynn's cake shoppe in
springdale to let them pick out their own individual
cakes. Trevor choose a captain America cake!!
They did such a great job. It turned out perfect and
Trev was really excited about it!!

 Tryston choose a batman cake!! Very cool.
We ordered cupcakes for the kiddos. We had batman,
captain America and superman for the choose from.
 For the kiddos party favor we had all kinds of
different candy they could choose from
to take home in a cool superhero bag. We
gaveeach candy it's own  name that went with
our superhero theme. 
For example, star burst were "super burst"
sour punch straws were "power punch"
we had superhero tattoos called "bat tats".
It was so much fun.
Each candy had it's own name in a burst shape
just like in the comic books!!!

 For the kids table I took a comic book
apart, taped it together and had it laminated
for our table runner!! It  turned out so cute
and was probably my favorite part on the table!!
We used primary super hero colors for 
plates and forks and had different super
hero napkins.
 For the middle of the table I filled clear jars with all
Trevor's super hero figures. Then I took
Trevor's hulk hands and tied balloon's around the thumb!!
The kids loved the big hulk hands and had fun finding
their favorite super heroes in the jar.
The boys fixing to blow out their candles!!
I can't believe Tryston is 6
and Trevor is 5!!!

 Tryston didn't enjoy everyone singing Happy Birthday
to him so he just hid under the table!! Silly boy. I 
didn't get hardly any pics of him!! lol

 Trev on the other hand was just fine with it. He couldn't
stop staring at his cake. He was ready to dig in!! 

 I love this kid soooo much!!!

 We are licking our lips ready to DIVE in to this cake!!
 He was so funny!!

 All the kiddos eating their cupcakes!! They were having
a great time!!! 

 Keegan and Cruz were cupcake monsters!! They had
icing all over them. Uncle David was very brave to hold
them BOTH while they were eating a cupcake!!

 We wanted the kids to have as much playing time in the
gym possible since you only rent it out for a short period
of time. So we decided to take presents home and open
them there. That gave us an extra 15 min to play!!
It's just chaos when you have 15 kids trying
"help" anyways. It was much calmer this way! lol

Even Cruz enjoyed bubba's presents!!

The party was a huge hit!!! Tryston and Trevor had so 
much fun with all their super hero friends. Now, what to
do next year.....

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