Sunday, May 1, 2011

Life Lessons

Lately, my sweet baby Trevor has turned
into a klepto. It all started out very innocently, 
or so I thought, a few months ago. Trev
would come home from Mimi's with some
little something in his pocket. I just thought
at some point of playing during the day he
stuck it in there and forgot about it. He is my
child after all. But then he went over for a 
play date with his cousins and came back 
with something of theirs in his pocket. 
Trev is the one who brought it to my
attention so we returned the toy the
next day and I once again just blew it

John went out of town last week so
my sister and I decided to take the kids
and go eat at Grubs. Yummy!!! We had the
best time. The kids were drawing pictures
handing them out to the servers, the boys
were really gettin their flirt on, we watched
the draft and american idol but then the kids
became restless and it was time to go. We get
them all to the car and started out of the parking
lot. I heard Trevor say something about cutting
or tearing (cant' remember) a piece of paper
in half so I look back at him only to see he
had stolen a fork from the restaurant. We 
held hands out to the car and he wasn't 
carrying it in his hands so I knew he had
stuck it in his pocket to take home.
My thought at first was to take him home and 
deal with it when we got there (actually it
was- really.., a fork?) but then the good fairy
appeared on my shoulder, thank God for
her, and reminded me this would be a 
great lesson to teach him!!

I turned around and headed back to the restaurant
letting Trev know what we he was about to do.
I'm going on and on with my mom spill about how
stealing is wrong and unacceptable etc, etc.... until 
we arrived in the parking lot. And to my advantage 
there sat a police car not to far from us. My sister
who was finding all of this pretty funny said
to Trevor " Trevor, I hope that police officer
doesn't take you to jail for stealing."  Trev
didn't want to get out of his seat after that!!
He kept telling me to take the fork back
so I had to remove him from his carseat and
carry in myself.

When we walked through the doors the manager
was standing right there and guess who he was
talking to? The police officer!!! Trev's eyes
got soo big when he saw this. Ive never seen
him so freaked out. I walked up to the manager
and said "sir, my son has stolen a fork from 
your restaurant and we are here to return
it and apologize." I made Trev hand over
the fork and then I asked him to tell him 
he was sorry. He just looked at the manager,
eyes as big as saucers then his little lip started
to quiver. He buried his head in my shoulder
and began to cry. Everyone who had been 
standing there were all giggling, along 
with the police officer and myself. I 
put his head up and asked him again
to apologize which he did then buried
his face in my shoulder once more. As 
we were walking out the officer looked
at me (with a straight face this time) and 
said "That was a great lesson you just
taught him." I  replied "thanks, I'm working
hard with him so you will never have to!!"

Tough love is always hard for me but I think
it will pay off in the end!!! It's paying off now
even, Trev is a great kid and I'm so blessed
to have him and Cruz in my life!!! And I don't
think you will ever read another story about 
my klepto ex klepto child......

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Carolynn said...

I had to do the same thing with Caleb--he took a pen from Walmart and I marched him back in and made him talk to a manager and apologize. We have not had another incident like it so I think that made a big impression. We didn't have a policeman there though :-(