Sunday, April 3, 2011


The Castleberry's have been M.I.A for
awhile!! There have been so many 
things going on. Cruz got sick a 
couple weeks ago so we were at
the doctor saturday and then
again on monday!! After a chest
x-ray, which our not fun at all
by the way, we discovered he had
bronchitis!! Poor little guy. Sunday
he ran fever and I couldn't get it to
break. It was up to 103. I was so 
super worried and we debated 
taking him to the hospital.
Luckily I do my pediatrician's family's
hair so I gave him a call! After asking 
us a few questions he informed us
the fever wasn't a reason to rush
him to the E.R but he did want to
see him the following day!! I want to
give a shout out to Dr. Lovell for 
squeezing us in and taking care of
my sweet sick baby!! Once we got
started on our RX we were on the
road to recovery....but not so fast!
Trev starts running fever and coughing
like crazy. So Wednesday we go back
to the doctor. Had Trev man all checked
out and put him on a RX. He ran fever 
until Sunday night. One of my prayers 
to God that week went something kinda
like this:
God, please lay your healing hands on my
babies and take their sickness away.

God please give me energy so I can be
the best mom I can be.

God, please give me wisdom and knowledge
so I know how to take care of my babies
to the best of my ability.

God, please give me a good attitude. I set 
the tone for the house and I want
to set a good relaxed tone.

God please give me patience so I don't 
walk in and admit myself into a mental

I know God has a sense of humor. On a good 
note, Trev has started soccer practice and
has his first game saturday April 9th. So
excited the season has kicked off. I love
watching him out there having fun!!
I finally broke down and bought a "leash"
for Cruz. He runs all over the place during
the games and practices. 
All I get done is chasing him around!!
Monday he even ate bird poop. I had my 
eyes off him for a few seconds to watch 
Trev's turn and when I turned around he 
was attempting to spit it out. He had 
bird poop in his mouth on his
was just gross, but kinda funny if you
knew my little Dennis the Mennis!!!
So I thought if I wanted to be able to watch 
Trev's game at all then I was gonna have to
pin him up somehow!! We'll see how it goes. 
I'm sure he will still manage to get into 
some kind of mischief!!

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