Saturday, April 2, 2011


Enjoying the sunshine!! It was 
finally warm enough outside
to hang outdoors ALL DAY!!
We totally took advantage of
these nice days!!!
I think this pic of Tryston is adorable!
He is so very handsome.
I'm not sure why every time my kiddos
play outside they feel the need to
strip!! They are always in their undies
at my house. This particular day they
stripped down and played with the
water guns and got very dirty!! So,
it was our first bath in the water 
hose for the year!! Might be our first
but definitely not our last!!

Our friends Fawaad and Julie came over
with their little ashur bug for dinner.
Ashur loves playing with the boys!!
He is so much fun and fits right in at 
my rowdy little boy house. He acts just
like my two!!!

I think this is a cute pic of the boys!!
They have my heart!

Ashur wanted to watch Cars, his favorite
movie, and was just hanging out like a big
boy. Feet propped up, drink in hand.

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