Sunday, November 27, 2011

 Happy Fourth of July
 took the boys to watch fireworks at our
church! I love love the fourth of July.
They boys get so excited to see fireworks.
 Love this pic!! They are the sweetest, cutest
boys ever!!! Didn't get many pics. Got to
 eating grass!! what else would my mayehm be 
 The next night was time to do the annual firework
show at the castleberry's!!  Look how happy Cruz is.
He really got into the fireworks this year. It was so
cute to see his expressions!!
 My 2 favorite little guys!! I'm blessed beyond belief!!
 Trev's fav are the fireworks that shoot out the army
man on a parachute. He loves to chase it down so
he can catch it!! Something he really looks forward to
every year!!
 Love this face!!
 I bought all the kids an American flag to wave
around. Cruz loved it and still won't give it
up. He swung that thing around all night long!!
God Bless America!!
 setting up for the show. We pretty much entertain
our entire street!! They guys have a lot fun
getting together and blowing things up I guess?!!
Once again too dark for any camera action. Last pic
for the night. Cruz dancing in the street waving his
little flag around!! We are so lucky!! Thank you to 
all the men and women, and their families, 
who serve or who have
served in our military!!

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