Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Easter bunnies 2011

 OMG!! Isn't this the cutest pic of all the kiddos?!
I love love it. It's hard to get a good pic
of just 1 kid but it's really hard to get
a pic of 5!!
 Trevor dying Easter eggs!! One of our 
favorite family traditions!!
 Cruz even got to help this year! He was so 
proud of himself!! :)
 Tryston being super silly dying his eggs! 
Class clown?
 Trev and Trynity adding glitter to their eggs!!
 Just a couple of their masterpieces. They made
sports ones and glitter ones and eggs that
looked liek monsters!! Real cute.
 Cruz's new favorite toy of the day....
the whoopie cushion!! He was cracking
up playing with this thing. Silly boy!!

 Apparently I gave birth to a gangster!! lol
 Cruz helping Aunt Whittney. He's telling her all 
about it!!
 Trev asleep Easter morning after the Easter
bunny came! The Easter bunny lays eggs all
over our house for us to find!!
 The boys Easter baskets. Or buckets I should say.

 I just love how animated Trev is! He was so
 The Easter bunny brought him the superheroes he
had been asking begging for.
 Cute pic with his little chick.
 Cruz didn't know what to think about all this at
 but he quickly caught on when he saw his
favorite thing ever...suckers!!
 Cruz with his baby chick.
 the loot!!
 The Easter bunny got Cruz a magic 
doodle travel pad so he can draw 
like a big boy, only with water. 
makes mommy a little more sane!! lol
 The egg hunt begins...
 I love this pic!! Cruz is so excited to show bubba
all the eggs he found. He was so proud of himself.
 Don't know what happened to my other pics
I uploaded of the boys' inside the house 
Easter egg hunt. But anyway, they had
a great time hunting eggs together. I try
to take in every second because it's 
going by so fast!! 

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