Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cruz's 2nd Birthday party!

 Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet baby!!
We had a joint party with Keegan
and since both the boys love sports
and their Razorback we had to do 
a Razorback Tailgate!!
 Set up was super cute, but the wind
was a monster that day. Not good for
pictures but great for cooling us off.
 I made these adorable little banners 
for the boys out of fabric. They were 
easy and added the perfect touch.

We used all red and white dishes
and this awesome red vintage
ice cooler. The table was too cute! 
 We smoked a ton of food!!! And of course 
had some yummy sides to go along
with it. 
 Totally obsessed with the Razorback 
cupcakes!! Perfect!!

 We decorated the tables
with the party favors. Pom Pons
for the girls, and red cow bells 
for the boys! We also had red 
inflatable number 1 hands! 
The kids loves it!
 The sweet birthday boys!
 Not too sure what Keegan is thinking
and Cruz wouldn't keep his fingers 
out of his mouth but it's their party
they can do what they want to. :)
 My little razorback calling the 
 Momma's with their boys!!
 These two are just as close as we 
were when we were little!! 
 Big snuggles with my man!!
 Can't forget about big brother!
He was the Boss Hog that day.
Too cute!!
 We played for a while on the playground, 
ate our yummy dinner and then it was
time for CAKE!! We sang happy birthday
to the boys and Cruz sang right along with
everyone!! He is too adorable!!
 They were both so proud of themselves
when they blew out their candles! They 
just clapped and clapped. YAY!

 Keegan finished his cupcake first. He looks
at Cruz and in their own little language ask
if he can have some of his.
 Sweet Cruz agrees and passes it over.
Now that's love right there!!
 Keegan takes a bite and gives it right back.
It was the funniest thing ever!!
 The boys opened their gifts...
 they are very blessed. Lots of 
friends and family came to celebrate 
these sweet boys. Everyone had a blast!!
Cruz had so much fun he just couldn't take it 
any longer!! He climbed up in mimi's lap 
and crashed!! What a party animal!!

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