Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sweatin to the oldies

Trevor takes a gymnastics class so he can run
out some of his energy and learn to take turns (which is a
really big deal at 2). It also has helped us so much
on our coordination. When I signed him up for the class
I assumed we would be the only boy but there
are actually more boys than girls!! We have made a
lot of friends and Trevor looks forward to
going every week!!Trevor's favorite part of gymnastics is the stretching and
warm ups. We now do donkey kicks every where we go!

Two little monkeys! One of Trevor's friends hangs
out on the bar with him. They love to swing like
monkeys. Very fitting I know.

At the end of class, everyone gets stamps for doing
a good job,
although I feel like the mom's are
the ones who deserve
the stamps.Most of us are more
sweaty than they
are chasing them around.
It's really just
organized chaos!! lol

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