Monday, February 16, 2009

Clean up, everybody everywhere

Trevor loves to help Daddy do just about anything, so when it came to cleaning up the yard, he was all for it. He has his own wheelbarrow which was full of sticks. He pushed it around like a big boy and loaded his sticks onto the trailer. He is so cute and helpful. I'm enjoying it while I can because in a few years he might not think it's so cool to help out. We stayed outside until dark drove us in! Fun day.

Trevor gave his cousin a ride (the ride of his life)
in his gator. Ethan loved it and I got a good workout
running alongside the gator making sure Trevor
didn't pop any wheelies or ramp off the sidewalk.
No worries Aunt Tiffany!!
The boy was caught red handed!! I'm so glad
the camera was around my neck when I saw this
one. I thought it was pretty funny. Our new thing is to
pee outside. Just watering the bushes Dad.

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Karen Nelson said...

So funny! Looks like the boys had a great time. Peeing on the bushes, huh? Guess that's something else I have to look forward to. :) We miss you guys! LOVE T's new shirt!!!