Friday, February 6, 2009

Sorry I haven't updated the blog lately. We had
no electricity for a few days and when it came back
on, I was in clean up mode. The yard is a disaster the
fridge had to be cleaned etc. My OCD kicked in. lol
Now I am playing catch up on my appointments at
work and I am so tired when I get home blogging
is not on my mind. Things are back to normal now
so I'll be posting again very soon. Anyway I hope
everyone is doing well after the ice storm. I think most
people have electricity again but if you don't and I can do
anything to help let me know. We actually had a
pretty good
time without it. We had some friends
come stay over the first
night, huge slumber party
in our living room in front of the
fireplace. We cooked
out hamburgers and had a great time.
Trevor, Daddy
and I turned on the radio and danced together

by candle light (a memory I will never forget) we
made tents
and Trevor had his spider man flash light
on. No T.V was actually
relaxing (for me not Trev)
and I took some naps too!! Overall,
we survived
and thank God we are all okay!!

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Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

I wasn't going to mention the posting gap....just kidding. Glad to hear you guys made the best of life without electricity. Even though I knew it was off, I would flip the light switches out of habit. See you soon.