Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baby heartbeat!!

I am way backed up in posting so I'm
posting several today. Bear with. We got
to hear the baby's heartbeat last week and
of course wanted Big Brother to be there.
I love to hear the sound of my baby's heart.
It makes me so excited and relieved to hear that
noise. Trevor thought it was very cool and loves
to imitate the sound. He's pretty good actually.
When he heard it and we said Trevor that's the
baby, he got the biggest grin on his face. It was a
precious moment I will never forget. Seeing the way
he reacts to such things makes me feel more secure
about him being a great big brother. It will be an
adjustment for him but I think it will be alot
smoother for him than I thought. He seems to be
very excited. If anyone has any suggestions for me
on the transition, please let me know. I want to do
everything I can to make things easier on Trev (and
mommy too).

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Karen said...

SOOOO Sweet! What an ADORABLE little man. We miss you guys so much!!!! ♥ Hope you are feeling well and having a good, easy pregnancy, Brit!