Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pizza party!!

Mommy was very sick this weekend with a
sinus infection and ear infection (which I
have not had in like 15 years) but I didn't
want the boys to sit around the house on my
account, so when Aunt Amie invited us to a
home made pizza party the boys decided to go.
I asked John to take pics of Trev making his pizza
so I didn't feel so left out. He had fun making and
eating his little pepperoni pizza.

Aunt Debbie and Aunt Amie helped Trev
create his masterpiece while Daddy took
pics for mommy.

Later on they played ping pong and Trev
got pinged with the pong and didn't think
that was very cool so his cousins pretended
to also get pinged in the head. Trev thought
it was pretty funny. It's always funny when the shoe's
on the other foot. Aunt Amie thinks that's how Trev
thinks ping pong is played now so I feel bad for any
future opponents.

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