Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My funny valentines

Valentines day was amazing this year. For one
I had three valentines. I felt like one of the
luckiest girls in the world. I know, try
not to be jealous girls. It was soo sweet to
be with all my boys on Valentines day. We
went out for lunch at Jason's deli (my
valentines knew it's my favorite place
to go for lunch) John had a massage, then
I had one right after which is why my hair
looks so cool in our pictures. We hung out,
watched a movie, and talked about how
much we love our little valentines. I cooked
chicken parmesan for dinner while we
listened to Bon Appe'tit, a cd of cafe
classics. It felt like we were in Italy at
some little cafe. We loved it!
Thanks for the best valentines day boys!!
The boys gifts

Trevor loved his little froggie card!
Daddy read to T.

Trev is really into spiderman and boxers
so we found him some spiderman boxers.
He absolutely loves them. I have to wash
them a couple times a week so he can
wear them over and over and over again.
Diggin in!

We bought our little valentines
(who needs another toy like he
needs a hole in the head) a ninja
Gi joe costume. Very cool!!

and where the wild things are.
I can't believe I hadn't already
bought for him. We read every
night before bed and this is
such a classic. Glad it's in the
times infinity and beyond!!
Love you Trev!!
My sweet baby's first valentines. He is
the cutest thing. I am so blessed!!
He had a great day and loves his gifts!
He tried to eat his card
and his tigger. He got so excited when
he saw his tigger. He talked and talked
to him.
He got a book called baby,I love you.
Very sweet book.

He was pretty good at ripping the
paper out of the bag. He is getting
too big.

Cruz is 4 months old and a 4 month
olds favorite thing to do is chew chew
chew. So we bought our baby valentine
some toys that light up and are fun to
look at but he can drool on too. They
are a big hit. Right to the mouth they go.

love you baby cakes!!

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