Thursday, February 10, 2011

Holy snowballs

NWA received 20 inches or more snow this week. 
I've never seen so much snow here!! I kept 
thinking to myself the snow would swallow little
Cruz up!! So outside for a few pics we went!!
The boys thought is was so first anyway!!!

 Baby Cruz kept kinda picking at it. He was so 
interested at first. Trev just loved it and had
a hard time sitting still for pics. He was itching 
to throw a snowball at momma and daddy!!

 The next few pictures tell a funny story.....
Cruz somehow took one of his gloves off.
 He figures out the snow is very cold
 He looks at his hand like omg!!!
I'm not liking this....
 Okay, I'm really not liking this momma!!!!
He starts crying and never stops until we
get him inside where he is warm and cozy!!
Smart boy!!

 I tried snapping a few more pics before
we took Cruzy inside!! I love this one of
Trev!! He is kicked back chillin.....literally!!
 After Daddy took Cruz inside, Trev and I stayed
outside and played for a long time!!
 We had a great time!! We made trails in the snow,
he even got in the swings for a bit (after digging
them out of the snow) we checked on some 
neighbors and ate lots of snow!!!

 Momma and Daddy made the boys snow ice cream!!
Very yummy!!
 Momma added some sprinkles for some color!!
 They loved it!!!
Cruz thought it was so good I caught him doing
this after I took his empty bowl away....
 He was licking up some ice cream he had spilled
on his tray!!!
 This kiddo cracks me up!!!
What a silly boy!! Love it!!!

Snow ice cream recipe:
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cups of sugar
1 cup milk
and around 6 or so cups of snow!!!!
Mix vanilla, milk, and sugar together until
sugar in dissolved. Then slowly add snow 
stirring constantly until thick like ice cream.


Kari Beth said...

great pictures! and, i love the picture of cruz with the chocolate gravy all over his face! he is beautiful. is it okay to say he is beautiful?!

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Where did all of Cruz's teeth come from?? Such cuties!