Thursday, February 24, 2011


 Tryston and Trynity came to our house for a 
sleep over. Well, I'm not sure why we call it 
that because they did everything but sleep!!
They were still up goofing around at 11:00!!
I couldn't get them to settle down, well maybe
i didn't try to hard.  I thought they were cute
playing and having fun and I remember being
the same way when I was their age so I 
encouraged them to go to sleep but....they
weren't real interested in listening to what
I had to say!!!!! Ha Ha
I only snapped a few pics of the kids when they
were over but here they are

 We have to trap poor little Cruz in his
high chair when we get ready so he 
doesn't destroy something or himself.
This particular morning he just couldn't
keep his little eyes open anymore!! Mommy
just leaned the highchair back and let him
snooze! He looks so sweet and beautiful when
he sleeps!! Love this boy to death!!

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