Thursday, January 20, 2011

A couple pics of Christmas morning

 This was actually Christmas Eve night but I thought the
picture was adorable!!!!
 Trev beat everyone up in the morning and ran in our 
room shouting "Mom, Mom...come in here!!" "Your 
not gonna believe this." "Santa came and brought me 
a police car!! Hurry hurry, come look!!!"
He was so super excited!! I was a little disappointed
I didn't see the initial reaction. Its the first year we've
missed it but it was still so cute to wake up to him 
running in our room waking us up so happy. 

 Then bubba woke up!!! He was adorable. The funny
thing was even though he doesn't fully understand 
Santa yet, he knew something exciting was going
on and fed off Trev's energy. He was screamin 
(good screams) and jabbering away. The
kid was pumped up. I don't think he knew what
he was pumped about but he was pumped up!
 He ran in the living room to see all of Santa's gifts
and just stood there for  a minute like WOW!!!!
Didn't last long though. He was quickly in his new
ball pit throwing balls everywhere.
 LOVES his slide. Probably his favorite gift of all.
He did really good for a while then became brave 
and jumped off the top. Face plant!!!! Such a 
little dare devil!!

 Trev got a couple of nerf guns so he and 
daddy can shoot each other!! There was a war in the 
house most the morning!!
Cruz had a blast with all his new toys but also really liked
bubba's police car. He sat in that thing forever just laughing
and playing with Trev. I've got great video!!!!

There are soooo many more pictures I just thought I 
would post a few for now and maybe another day 
post some more!! A couple other things I remember 
about the morning was Cruz somehow managed 
to fall out of his high chair. I was cooking and heard 
a noise and looked over just in time to see arms 
and legs flying in the air. How that kid manages
to do some of the things he does.....
Not but 5 minutes later Trev tries to get his stocking
off the fireplace mantle and knocks the stocking
holder off almost hitting himself in the head. That 
would have been a Christmas ER trip for stitches!!
That thing is heavy!!! Never a dull moment with 
kiddos around!!
All in all Christmas was a magical as it usually is. 
Thank GOD for everything he has done for

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