Sunday, January 9, 2011

My boys


The "W" Family said...

Okay, I am loving the Christmas pictures of the boys. I can't believe how BIG they are!

WOW thank you soo much for your t-shirt interest! I have adult sizes at home, but what I am doing for the kids is making a list (so I have all the correct sizes) and then I will place an order all at once. I've had a couple friends ask for kid's sizes so I am hoping to fill the order this month. Just call me-263-4911 or email me- what you would like. I am pretty sure cruz's size should not be an issue! Thanks so much! And for the encouraging words!

Traci said...

I am loving seeing some new pics of the boys! I miss catching up on what they are doing these days! Hopefully sometime soon! I love you!