Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow day

 Bundled up ready for our first sledding adventure!!!
We don't have snow suits for the year so we 
improvised. A lot of layers on

Steffany had a hard time getting her socks and shoes
on because of all her clothes and her little baby belly.
If Randy hadnt come to the rescue,she might
still be sitting there.......trying to get those
shoes on her feet.
 Trev's first time down the hill!!
He was so excited to go sledding
he could hardly contain his little self.
He LOVED it!!
 That smile is so sweet.
 The snow was too powdery so we had to
sled in the street. It was great but you would
hit a dry spot every once in a while. Randy
had to give Trev an extra little shove to get
him to the bottom of the hill!!!

 Here comes Cruzer Brusier. As much of a 
dare devil as he his I thought he would enjoy it
 a little more than he did but he was also very
very sleepy and was wanting a nap. We let him
sled a couple of times then Feffy took him to the
truck to warm them both up!! It was so cold!!
 Then Trev played in the snow for a little bit.
Made snow balls..

  and of course his favorite, snow angels!!!

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