Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lighting of the square

 Me and my boys!!!
My friends and I had a GNO or a G&KNO!!
We were all husbandless and decided to load
up and take the kids to see the lighting of the 
square. It was a girls and kids night out!!

 My sweet sister Whittney and my beautiful
niece Trynity!!
 My little Keegan or Special K as I call him.
He had a good time watching the parade!!!!
 My adorable Cruzy!! He had fun the whole
night. From the parade to watching all the 
other kids there. He just soaked it all in!!
 And of course my sweet little Trev is always up
for a good time. He loves parades and people and 
especially Santa!!
 We found the perfect spot to watch the parade. It was
super windy that night so we parked the strollers up by 
a building with an awning to block the wind. It sat up 
on some stairs so the kids could see over everyone.
It was perfect!!!
 Pictures of my all the babes!!
 What a sweet picture of the boys. I don't have to many
of these. They don't cooperate together very often!! lol
 But here are a few other pics we took. This is before
we got the good pic. Cruz kept hitting Trev every time
Trev tried to get close for a pic......

 I love this pic of Cruz!! I mean, isn't he the most adorable
baby ever!! Maybe I'm a little partial.
 My good friend Amanda and one of her
little girls Cece. She is the cutest little girl
and I have asked if I can have her but no
luck so far...maybe one day!
 The line to see Santa was WAY too long so
we opted to just walk beside him so the kids
could at least get a good look. Funny Trev story...
When we got up beside Santa, Trev yelled "Santa!"so 
loud that everyone around us heard him, including Santa.
Santa looked over at him and chuckled then asked
him if he had been a good boy this year to which Trev 
replies yes! Santa asked Trev what he wanted for
Christmas. Trev told him a cool game and then we
said our good byes. He was so happy that he had
spoken to Santa and smiled from ear to ear the rest
of the night.
 The square was super busy and we were super
hungry so we went to Mariachis for dinner.

 The funniest part of the night was Lilly!! We were all 
hanging out visiting when all the sudden Amanda says
"Lilly, what are you doing?" 
Lilly had stuck her rice and beans in her salsa and was
just stirring away with her hands. I thought it was hysterical
but her mom....not so much!

We all had a great G&KNO and hope to do
it again soon!!

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Lilliana said...

Great pictures! I almost forget how cold we were out there! And, of course, don't forget my messy eater. Did you see her eating cupcakes at Cece's party? ALL OVER her face! Only my child, only my child. (shaking my head)