Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cruz is 2!!!!!

 Birthday boy!!
 He loved his birthday ballons!! Of course
he used them as a punching bag! lol

 Since his party was a couple weeks away, 
we just invited family over for a little
celebration. Here is mimi with some of the
 Cruz loved it when we sang happy birhtday
to him. Look at that sweet face!!
 And he eventually started singing along.
 I wonder what he wished for?
Now, this is my Cruz!!!
God has blessed me beyond words with you. 
You are such a spunky little guy and you bring
that trait into our family. We laugh until we cry
everyday at all the funny things you do and say.
You love to dance and sing. Play a little music
and your one happy little boy. You are already 
a great little athlete. You have a ton of agility
and keep up with the big kids.  You even come
to bubba's Sunday school class with us so you
can play with the big kids. You don't do well in the
nursery. You seriously have your own little
language and I love it. Everything you say
is adorable. Hard to understand, but adorable. :)
Your not really a big cuddle bear so I have to
get all my cuddles in at night time. Your just too
busy to settle down. Your always 
on a mission. You keep me on my toes. I can't turn
my back for a second because there is no telling what
on earth you might pull. God is teaching me so much
through you!!! Your a wild man, definitely "all
  boy"but you have such a big heart. You are very 
compassionate which makes me very happy.
 It's sweet to watch you care for others at only 2 years old.
 I love you and your adventurous little spirit. I can't
 wait to see all the things God does in your life!!

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