Monday, July 2, 2012

Gingerbread House

 We've had our baths, now ready to make a 
Gingerbread House!!! The boys love this
activity because it involves CANDY!!
 We started out with the little gingerbread man
and frosty the snowman.
 It was so sweet to watch this little guy!!
He decorated Frosty the snowman. He
is in love with Frosty. We sing Frosty every
night and watch the cartoon everyday!! 
He did such a great job!!
 And was very proud of his work.
 Cute pic of the boys!!
 Trevor worked bery hard on his gingerbread man.
We've been reading the book gingerbread baby
so he was really into this.
 Also very proud of his work!!
 Now, to put the house together. Momma helped
assemble it. But the decorating is up to the boys!!
They were sneaking candy the whole time so we 
may not have enough for the house!! lol

Our house turned out just perfect!! So
blessed to make wonderful memories 
with my amazing family!!

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