Monday, July 2, 2012

Fayetteville Lights of the Ozarks

 The Castleberry 5th annual lights on the
 square! We try and pick the warmest night 
we can during the week when it's not so busy 
to go enjoy all the lights and activities!  These 
pics are from the carriage ride around 
the square.
 Snuggle time with my monkey!!
 The boys love to go on the pony rides each 
year. Their faces light up when they get to 
ride one of the ponies.
 See what I mean? That is his poppy's smirk!
He's so happy, which makes momma so happy!
 Something new we discovered while we were 
there, Cruz loves hot chocolate!! He 
turned into a little hot chocolate monster!
 I thought the ponies were going to be
 the biggest hit of the night, but nope. 
It was the light sabers! They begged and 
begged for one til we gave in. They were 
so excited about them it was hard to
 say no!! lol
 So they ran around the square acting like ninja's
the rest of the night.

 We got to pet and help feed a reindeer! Trev
decided it was prancer. One of our favorite
Christmas movies is prancer so it was fitting.

My sweet family! Can't believe we are about 
to celebrate Christmas! I feel like we
just had Christmas a couple months ago!! 
Time flies when your having fun!

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