Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2011

 One of my favorite family traditions is going
to Right Choices Corn Maze every year. It's 
by far the best one I've ever found! So much
for the kids to do and only an hour away!!
 This was the first year to do the corn maze
together. Cruz was too little the last couple
years. The boys loved trying to find their 
way out of the maze!! Took us a minute,
but we made it out alive!!

 Couldn't resist taking some pics along the way
 My spunky little Cruz
 My handsome little Trevor

Going down the slide!! I had one of Cruz going
down but I think I posted so many pics blogger
went a little nutso?!
 Trev in the corn box. Probably the boys favorite
thing to do there. We spend a good portion of 
our time playing here.
 Thought this was cute of Cruz!!
 The boys and I on the hayride. My favorite
thing to do here. It's not really long but its
very relaxing!!
 The cow train!! Choo Choo, Moo Moo
 Racing ducks
 Pics a little out of order..oops
I tried to bury Cruz in the corn box but
he wasn't a fan!! lol

 Ok, here is Cruz making his way down slide!
His first year to go all by himself! Growing up 
too fast!!
 Pumping their own water is pretty hard work
 I think we need this at home! They would go to
bed on time for sure!! Working up a sweat!!
 Loving the corn box!!

 Eating his roasted marshmallow!!
 This was the first year we got to roast
 marshmallows! Daddy helped the boys and they 
loved it. We had to pretty much drag them away
 from the marshmallows.. I know what we will 
be doing when we get home!!
 Cruz picked out his pumpkin! Finally.
I think he changed his mind 10 times or more!!
Too many choices....
 We wound up with more than pumpkins in our
wheel barrow.....
Right Choices Corn Maze 2011 was once again
an absolute blast!! Made more great memories!!
Can't wait for next year!

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