Sunday, November 7, 2010

A couple more summer pics

Diggin in the dirt!!!

Daddy just loves it when the kids play in the
dirt. No, not really but I do think he's come to
terms with not growing grass here.

The cutest boy EVER!!!!!

The kids have a little tradition at my house
in the summer. They have figured out how to
set up the sprinker themselves. They'll set it
up, strip down to their underwear and play in
the water. I'm pretty sure were the redneck
family on the block??????

Trev accidently pushed the screen out of the
window and thought he was done for. He was
so worried he broke it!! It was so funny!! I told
him "we can fix it buddy". "Oh I can do it momma
I'll fix it". He tried......

and tried then decided he might need
a little help from momma. Silly boy

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