Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our week

On Sunday after church, Trev and I baked cookies together!!  
 My post got all messed up somehow so hang
in there with me!! Saturday we went to a friend
of ours little boys first birthday party. Cruz got his
first pinata experience and loved it. He just laughed
every time he swung the bat. They were all so cute!
Trev busted the pinata so he got to take the bat he 
 busted the pinata with home. Very Cool!!
 Saturday we had friends over to watch the HOGS
play!! The boys played and had a great time as 
you can see in the pic. lol
 They really were having a good time in 
this picture!!! They are so cute!!!!
 Cruz is Mr. Independent!! He has to feed 
himself or he won't eat!! He is a little stinker.
Here he had his macaroni EVERYWHERE!!!
But he's still adorable as a macaroni monster!!!

 Cruz also learned to brush his teeth this week.
Mommy does a quick brush first, then puts more 
toothpaste on the brush and lets him brush away!
He really did a great job and was so proud of 
himself!!  I can't believe how big he is getting!! It's 
happening so fast.
 Good job baby!!!!
 Sweet baby boy
 Trevor fixed his hair all by himself this week
too. I was leaving to go to mimi's and started
looking for Trev. He said "I'm in here mommy
fixing my hair". I thought oh lord,what has he 
done? When I got to the bathroom he had daddy's
paste out with a lot in his hair, on his forehead and
all over his hands just smiling so big!! He was proud
of himself for being such a big boy and fixing it all
by himself. It was a really cute moment for me!!!
 This is how we went to mimi's that day. 
Great job dude!!
 This was earlier that morning. He pretty
much fixed his own sandwich that day!!
He only had minor help from mom!!! He
has really enjoyed doing things on his own
lately. He normally just likes for mommy to
do most things for him so it's something we've
been working on and he his doing a great job!!

 My sweet busy Cruz!!! He just goes and goes
and then crashes!!! I was finishing up my hair
one morning and stuck him in the exersaucer to
prevent another morning Cruz disaster. I looked 
back to check on him and he was passed out!!!
The boy's gotta crash sometime!!

 These pics should be at the top but....
there from Sunday cookies. Trev thought
they were good!!
 REAL GOOD!!  He kept sneaking cookies when
I wasn't looking. Silly boy, he is such a sugar
There's nothing like a Sunday afternoon nap.
 This is the birthday boy Karter, and the
rest of the birthday pics!!!


Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Well aren't they just two super-smart boys?? Glad things are going great!

Kari Beth said...

look how stinkin' cute cruz is in his skinnys and converse! stud!

i would love to get the babies together. on mondays they have a baby bookwork at the fay library? maybe we could do that and grab some brunch afterwards. e-mail me

AND...just a pointer...if you host your pictures on your posts won't get messed up. you have to compose your post in the html tab, but its much better. keeps your most organized the way you want and you can make the pics as big as you want.

Anonymous said...

Check it out Brittney