Sunday, November 7, 2010

my favorite, randoms

I got down Trevors first Halloween costume for
my little Keegan to borrow. Trevor thought it
would still fit and just had to try it on. It actually
fit better than I thought it would.

Cruz usually loves to ride on the tractor with
us while we mow but I guess he wasn't feelin
like doing any chores today!!
Trev loves to get his face painted. He tells
me his vision and I paint away!!

On this day, Trev thought it would be
a good idea to put stickers all over
his face.
But then after having to pull them all off he
decided it wasn't such a good idea after all.
Cruz found bubba's boxers and thought
they would be a great teether!!
Another face paint creation.
The white is a football chin strap, the star is
for the cowboys, and he wanted hogs written on his

After bath one night T tried on daddy's shirt.
Looks pretty handsome if I must say so myself!
Trev took this pic of Cruz and I loved it.
I love the way Cruz is has his little arms crossed
just hanging out.
I love my little mans sweet dirty little face!!!!
Now you know who the king of the house is...

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