Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Halloween

We were the Toy Story family!!!
Trev wanted to be Buzz for Halloween so
we went all out.
Trev was Buzz, Cruz was Rex
Daddy was Woody, Mommy was Jessie
So cute!!!! Loved his costume
He is the CUTEST thing ever!!!!!

My two princesses
My two stud muffins
The Rook family's first Halloween!!!
They were adorable!! Keegan was mickey so
momma and daddy wore their Mickey and Minnie
ears too!!
So precious!!
Keegan's first house to trick or treat at!!!!
Trick or treat!!!!
He just kept looking at his candy like wow!!
He did so good trick or treating. He had his
sweet little smile on his face all night. I think
he loved the attention!!!

Cruz's first house to trick or treat at!!
He just looked in his bucket after they put candy
in it. He was AMAZED!!!
He immediately dug in!!! Grabbed a sucker......
unwrapped it (by himself) and started eating it!!
It was hilarious!! He was not fixing to wait for
his goodies!!

We had to feed him suckers all night long. If he didn't
have a sucker in his mouth, he would throw and absolute
fit. You pick your battles right? So we opted for a drooly sticky baby
instead of an upset baby!! After all, it was his first Halloween!
Little Rex had so much fun on his first Halloween!!!
Thank u and Feffy for helping me trick-or-treat!!!!
They are the cutest babies ever!!!
I love that they spent their first Halloween together!!
Great memories for Minnie and Jessie!!

I love this pic of Micky and Minnie
I wonder what their thinking here?
It reminds me of looks who's talking. They seem
to totally understand what the other one is thinking.

Cruz: "This is the coolest thing EVER!! All we have
to do is walk up to a door and they just
give us all this yummy candy!!!

Keegan: I know dude! I want to do this EVERY night!!!
Uh, hey man, can I have a lick of that sucker?

Love this sweet face

I carried a backpack around equipped with diapers,
wipes, Kleenex, and a blanket. The kids were getting
so much candy Trev and Trynity dumped their
candy in the backpack to they had more room in
their buckets!! They were so funny!!! There is no way
they will ever eat all that candy but it was so much
fun getting it.
I think my niece is just beautiful!!!!
I love this pic of her!!
They got startled at this house!! When they got
to the door there was a witch that laughed and
talked and freaked them out, but not enough
for them to leave the porch and not get their candy!!


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The "W" Family said...

Oh my goodness, good minds think alike! You'll have to scroll down and look at our costumes! You guys look fabulous!