Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cruz 12 month

This is an entire month late but better late
than never right?

My sweet baby turned 1!!! Holy Cow!! You
have grown into your fun personality
and we just love you!! You put such a 
smile on our faces everyday!! For your 
birthday, I  decorated the house with
streamers and balloons for you so when 
you woke up in the morning you would
feel so special!! You loved running through 
the steamers hanging from the door way.
I also took you to Boingo Bounce
with your cousins. You are all for being
able to just run around so you loved
it!! We went to McDonald's for lunch because
you love their cheeseburgers. After you took your 
2 hour nap we just hung out and played for 
awhile. For dinner we fed you macaroni and 
cheese, your favorite! I didn't want to feed
you cake before your birthday party so we
opted for ice cream instead. We went to Shakes
with the whole family and stuck a candle in your
ice cream and sang happy birthday to you in the
middle of Shakes. It was so much fun and you 
loved everyone singing to you!! We had the best
day with you little man. 

  Mommy and Daddy love you sooooo much and 
have had so much fun with you this past year.
Watching you hit so many milestones has just
been amazing!! Your so much fun and your so 
sweet I could hug & kiss you all day long.
Your a precious little baby and we can't wait for all the 
memories we'll make with you in this next year.

Here are some fun facts about you......
  • Your busy busy busy
  • very determined
  • loves to run all over the place
  • such a momma's boy
  • gives the best opened mouth kisses
  • love your paci
  • picky,picky eater honestly, I've never seen a pickier baby
  • you'll eat anything with cheese-macaroni, grilled cheese, quesadilla
  • love facing forward in your car seat
  • still not into t.v-that's a good thing
  • still love playing with tools and taking things apart so you can try and put them back together
  • love to play in the trash can- you put things in the trash can that don't belong and take trash out of the trash can to play with....silly boy
  • you love to "fish" in the toilet
  • you put everything in the toilet-silky pillow,mommy's makeup,toys etc....
  • your smile gets you just about anything you want
  • you still take a little snooze in the morning and your 2 hour nap in the afternoon
  • only take a bottle of warm milk at bedtime
  • you love to play in bubba's room with him
  • your favorite thing for breakfast is your little fruit bars
  • you love to play ball-you have a great arm 
  • you try so hard to keep up with your brother
  • you say momma, daddy, bath, bubba, hi, bye bye, 
  • you can sign more and please only your please is just like more, you rub your hands together instead of rubbing your hand on your chest!!
  • you love music and you love to shake your tail feather
  • you love playing with the remote and cell phones
  • your favorite place to sleep is right by mommy in her bed
  • you are SO MUCH FUN!!!!

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