Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ghost Popsicle

Ghost Popsicles!!
  • Take a banana and cut it in half
  • Place a Popsicle stick in the bottom of the banana leaving the top part of the banana for the ghost head
  • Wrap banana in cling wrap and freeze for 3-4 hours
  • After bananas are frozen, melt white chocolate candy in microwave
  • Cover banana in white chocolate
  • place candy on banana to create the ghost face

I should have posted this a lot earlier so sorry...
it's a good idea for next Halloween!!!

I love this idea because I don't feel guilty letting
them eat it. I always make the kids fun treats
for every holiday so I'm trying to find recipes
that are fun and yummy but a lot healthier for them.
The 4 babies hanging out with their spooky ghost!!
Cruz's first bite of his ghost. He loved it!!!
That frozen banana made a great teehter!!

The kids thought it was cool to eat the ghost eyeballs.
They each made me take pics of them after they ate
the eyeballs!!

Still loving his ghost!!

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